Bike Servicing & Hire

Bike Servicing:
At Cycleccino we can undertake all manner of repairs to bicycles and childrens scooters.

Bike in box build  £50 Adult  £25 Child (We will build your new bike for you, if purchased elsewhere.  Or Free when bike is purchased from us.)

Bike MOT £15  a quick safety check of your bike.

Bike Service (Standard) £39.  Including checks and adjustments of brakes and drivetrain

Bike Service (Major) £90.  A total overhaul of your bike including headset and wheel hubs.

Bottom Bracket Service or replacement £25 (parts not included.)

Hub Service £15 per wheel

Spoke Replacement £15.00 including replacement spoke.

Brake Adjust £8 per brake/Hydraulic brake service £20 per brake includes oil replacement.

Wheel Truing £15.00 per wheel

Gear Adjust £15.00

Pedal removal and refitting £10.00 (pedals not included)

Puncture Repair £13.00 including cost of replacement inner tube.  £15.00 for hub geared wheels.

Headset Replacement £15.00 (not including parts)

Fork Replacement £25.00 (not including parts)

Labour Cost £21 per hour for all non-costed jobs.  Minimum charge of £7.00 applies.

Bike Hire:
Cycleccino have a fleet of mountain bikes to hire.
We charge £10 per half day and £15 per full day.
A deposit is taken when bikes are booked out.

Should you wish to hire a road bike, please contact Cycleccino directly on 01305 457090 to discuss options.