• Thank You, Whats Next?

    Well the 2nd Annual Cycleccino (we can now call it annual!)  Charity Sportive was held on Sunday July 24th 2016, the ride had a lot to live up to after 2015, I think it more than managed that.

      Riders began to arrive at a crisp yet sunny Easton Park at 0730hrs on the dot to register.  The coffee machine in the shop was soon churning out Espresso's and riders doing whatever they do nervously, be it chat, pace, or use the ablutions.  

      Shortly after 8am, the first batch of eager riders set off, on their 30, 60, or 100 mile routes.  I hoped, prayed, and crossed everything that the signage that Mr, Mrs and Baby Ccino had put in place over the previous two days was still there.  I too was nervous, the ablutions would have to wait.

      The Feed Stations and Marshalls were despatched a little earlier than planned and the photographer Dan Bristow, after taking photos of the riders departing in the first 1/2 mile, raced off to try and catch them further around the courses.  The broom wagon and broom bike followed along as well to catch anyone who suffered any unexpected Gremlins.

      The last 2 riders arrived, paid, registered and departed shortly after 9am, I took a big deep breath, my 1st coffee of the day, then waited like an expectant father to count them all home.

      I chatted to many people that day, and I must appologise to each and every one of you for not giving you my full and undivided attention.  However thank for being their and supporting us.

      Shortly after 11am, marshalls and feedstations began confirming that they had seen all riders, and in fact some riders began to return.  By 1pm the 60 mile riders began returning too.  At this point one of our riders had a little slip on the rail tracks on Weymouth harbourside, and I despatched myself to collect them.  A slightly damaged bike and rider with a sore knee were collected and brought back to Cycleccino, waving and tooting riders as we returned.  A masseuse was in place at the shop to tend to a few weary legs.  

      A little after 4pm and as what felt like the party, was in full swing at the shop, the 100 milers began to return, some of them weary, some of them however looked as if they were ready to do another 100 (maybe I didnt make it hard enough.)  And by 6.30pm all riders were safe and recorded as completing or finishing the event.

      Feedback was good from all riders, marshalls, feed stations, helpers, and staff.  I can only thank every single one of them for taking an active part in our Sportive.  

      After totalling up the donations from the event, for which I must thank some riders again for getting sponsored and going over and beyond the call of duty; we were approximately £500 short of our total for the defibrillator.  We still have a lovey vintage bike frame to auction, so if you are interested, please do be in touch with us, or see our Ebay listing here. Vintage Bike Frame

      But that wouldnt be the end of the story.  I have ordered the defibrillator and hope to have it installed in Easton by the end of August 2016.  So the event was a total success.

    And Next Year?

    Before a wheel had even turned on July 24th 2016, the 2017 event was already deep in the planning stages.  If you have followed my blogs, or know me, you will be aware that the inspiration for Cycleccino came as a result of a friend Richard DeBono dying of Cancer a few years ago.  Richard was only in his early 40's, he was also the person who introduced me to both road cycling and mountain bikes.

    So, what can I tell you?
    1:  The 2017 event, will not be a Sportive!
    2:  It will be a 3 day 'tour' covering approximately 200 miles
    3:  It will be in aid of Cancer Research UK
    4:  It will be called 'The Tour De Pants' and at a similar time of year to a cheap copycat version called 'Le Tour De France'
    5:  Each stage will end at a campsite.
    6:  Riders will plan their own routes.
    7.  All Riders must wear a pair of pants of their own choosing over their cycling shorts in recognition of Testicular Cancer
    8.  Riders can be supported by friends/family who can bring their own cars, set up pitches, carry spares, or just work as a team.  We would encourage the cars to be decorated with stickers of pants etc (also in recognition of Testicular Cancer)
    9.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of each day, this is not a race, and further information will be provided closer to the time.  Riders and their support will be able to take part in this.
    10.  Those not wishing to ride, but wishing to take part in the whole camping/fun side will be asked but not required to carry bags/equipment for unsupported riders.

    So if youre interested in being kept up to date with the Tour De Pants, and want to express an interest, please click here TOUR DE PANTS

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